40. Loop unrolling

The unroll module implements loop unrolling infrastructure.

All functions and symbols are in “unroll” module, use require to get access to it.

require daslib/unroll

40.1. Function annotations


This macro implements loop unrolling in the form of unroll function. Unroll function expects block with the single for loop in it. Moveover only range for is supported, and only with the fixed range. For example::

var n : float4[9]
unroll <|   // contents of the loop will be replaced with 9 image load instructions.
    for i in range(9)
        n[i] = imageLoad(c_bloom_htex, xy + int2(0,i-4))

40.2. Unrolling

unroll(blk: block<> const)


argument type


block<> const

Unrolls the for loop (with fixed range)